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  Don cero built up its logistics center in the year of 2003, and solely functioned as goods transferring station initially. We found it may not catch up with the pace of development and customer’s increasing demand with the market growing up faster.

    We worked out a four-step operation mode through accumulated experience over the years. Now, the logistics center featured as a multifunctional operation center including product quality control, packaging, storage and shipping. To uplift our performance and satisfy customer’s requirements, we will make efforts to create added-value into our service.

Quality Control

>QC team in logistics center shall accept and check goods as per agreed conditions and terms, conduct accuracy and function test against each batch.

>Work hard to prevent unqualified products flowing into customer’s hand, even to end users.


>Pack products as per specific requirements before shipping. This could help customer lay out goods on shelves conveniently after its receiving and inspection.



> Classify the qualified goods in order after inspection.

> Set up a long-term inventory management system to serve our customers.


>Typically, goods shall be shipped out with pallets and/or in container after collecting and loading in logistics center. We do ensure you a satisfactory status when goods arrive.

>We’re able to deliver goods to a number of customer’s designated places domestically.

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